Koli Ruunaa Patvinsuo Petkeljärvi 1:25 000, Outdoor Map 2020

National parks of North Karelia

Koli Ruunaa Patvinsuo Petkeljärvi 1:25 000, Outdoor Map 2020

National parks of North Karelia

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The outdoor map of Koli, Ruunaa, Patvinsuo and Petkeljärvi covers the most popular hiking areas of Northern Karelia. The double-sided sheet has the maps of three national parks (Koli, Patvinsuo and Petkeljärvi) and Ruunaa Hiking Area each at the scale of 1:25,000. The map is printed on waterproof material.

Koli is one of the most popular and most visited national parks in Finland. It has not only a beautiful national landscape but also good opportunities for making day trips or taking the Herajärvi Trail.

With its old forests, wide open wetlands and lakes with sandy beaches, Patvinsuo is a national park with the feel of wilderness. The trail network is well-suited to treks of a few days with the option to take a trail of Karjalan Kierros and continue south or north.

Petkeljärvi is right next to the Russian border in Ilomantsi. The national park is known for its marvellous eskers, lakes of clear water and fortifications dating back to World War II. The park is suitable for day trips, while a hiker hoping for a longer route can take the Taitajan taival Trail northwards.

Ruunaa Hiking Area and national park in Lieksa is known for the free-flowing River Lieksa, the rapids of which offer a memorable experience for fishers, paddlers and travellers. Ruunaa has also a hiking trail network and a cross-country ski trail network of several dozen kilometres.

The map is based on a topographic database of the National Land Survey of Finland and has plenty of extra information for hikers and travellers, such as various trails and their lengths, wilderness huts, lean-to shelters, eating places, accommodations and sights. On the side of the map you will find details on magnetic declination and the coordinate system.

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