1. Where I can find the index maps?
Index maps for all our maps can be found here. Choose from the left hand side index map you want to view. Our outdoor maps (e.g. Halti-Kilpisjärvi ulkoilukartta) are found as “Ulkoilukartat” and topographical maps 1:50 000 and 1:25 000 are found as “Maastokartat 1:25 000 EUREF” and “Maastokartat 1:50 000 EUREF”. You can zoom the maps and see better the coverage area of the map and the number and name of the map.

Maastokartta = Topographical maps
GT-tiekartta = GT road map
Retkeily GT-sarja = Outdoor GT series
Rannikkokartta = Coastal sea chart
Meri- ja sisävesikarttasarjat = Chart folios sea and inland waterways
Satamakartat = Harbour charts
Yleismerikartat = General charts
Pyöräilyoppaat = Cycling maps
Alueelliset tiekartat = Areal road maps
Retkeilyoppaat ja kartat = Hiking guides and maps
Ulkoilukarta = Outdoormaps