Evo Päijänne Ilvesvaellus, Outdoor Map, 1:25 000 2017

Evo and Päijänne on waterproof map

Evo Päijänne Ilvesvaellus, Outdoor Map, 1:25 000 2017

Evo and Päijänne on waterproof map

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The outdoor map Evo Päijänne Ilvesvaellus 1:25 000 is printed on synthetic material. The new durable Finnish outdoor maps can be identified by the yellow marking on the cover.

The region of Evo is among the most popular hiking areas in southern Finland, and it offers extensive services. Evo is also a popular place for recreational fishing. Päijänne National Park and its beautiful esker islands, on the other hand, are especially popular boating and paddling destinations. The outdoor map covers the hiking areas of Evo and Tarus, the Evo forest study areas of HAMK University of Applied Sciences, nearly all of Päijänne National Park and wide areas in their vicinity. The map shows, for instance, the Ilvesvaellus hiking trails and the connecting trails of Aurinko-Ilves and Päijänne-Ilves from Evo to Padasjoki and Vääksy.

The material of the map is fully waterproof and can withstand almost unlimited folding, and it will not rip in normal map use. The features are also retained during frost and heat. The print is crisp and the colours are bright. The map has a pleasant feel and is lighter than if printed on paper.

In addition to terrain details, e.g. routes and other hiking services, as well as dining and accommodation services, have been marked on the map. The map includes ten attractions or experiences in the area, which have been described in a few sentences at the edge of the map in Finnish and English. At the edge of the map, you can also find information about the magnetic declination. The scale of the map is 1:25 000 (1 cm on the map = 250 m of terrain).

1:25 000


68 × 80 cm

taitettu, vedenkestävä

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